Fundamentals (BAS-001-SE)
Fundamentals (BAS-001-SE)
Learn the basics of Kibo's platform, including the background of the platform and basic functions such as accessing the Dev Center, creating sandboxes, and general navigation,
Users and Permissions (BAS-002-SE)
Users and Permissions (BAS-002-SE)
Learn the basics of user management, user roles, and permissions within Kibo's platform.
Settings (BAS-003-SE)
Settings (BAS-003-SE)
Learn the general settings of Kibo's platform, including email, analytics, payments, sites, and channels.
Reporting (BAS-004-SE)
Reporting (BAS-004-SE)
Learn the basics of reporting in Kibo's platform.
Catalogs (BUS-002-SE)
Business Administration
Catalogs (BUS-002-SE)
Configure your catalog structure and master catalogs.
Search (BUS-003-SE)
Business Administration
Search (BUS-003-SE)
Configure your Search settings to fine-tune the results customers see when searching for products on your site.
Marketing (BUS-004-SE)
Business Administration
Marketing (BUS-004-SE)
Use discounts and search tuning to market your products to shoppers.
Customers (BUS-005-SE)
Business Administration
Customers (BUS-005-SE)
Categorize the customers who buy your products and create orders.
Order Management (BUS-006-SE)
Business Administration
Order Management (BUS-006-SE)
Keep track of your business and what your customers are ordering.
Inventory (BUS-007-SE)
Business Administration
Inventory (BUS-007-SE)
Use the UI and File Import/Export processes to manage your inventory levels.

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